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"Denver Media Digital Network Services. And the roll these "News and Entertainment outlets" play in our "Denver Communities" for years have held a Monopoly over the Citzens, their Government, and Politicians since 1963"." DENVER Voters' are tired if being played by the establishment elite, and their fake and bias, IRS non-profit status quos! And Others Bankrolling the "Denver election".

That has yielded 10-year record high Violent crimes murders suicide robberies smash and grabs, homelessness and enabling those Social issues, so they can all donate to those who talk. And keep the same old Political party in Power. - Marcus Giavanni

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Published Jan 16, 2019 5:20 Am by "Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | | City of Denver | 2011 Network | 2015 Network | 2018 Network | 2019 Denver Network Going Google | Saving | Lots of Money | Lots of Time | Never Paying for Oracle Fines Denver | Ever Again | Ask Google"."

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Future of the City and County of Denver: Trending "City and county of Denver" knowing the Future City County Denver Future

Published Jan 16,, 2017 9:39 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Future City County Denver | Knowing the Future | City and County of Denver Internet conversations being indexed for the next "Google Top Organic Search"... "Future of the City and County of Denver, Colorado in 2017. Is not the same as "City and county of Denver, Colorado 2011"."

"GP7A News: Say's Priceless, not knowing future City Denver is Weird! Stop it Marcus Giavanni #TapTheVote Candidate Marcus Giavanni promise to work hard to end the future elected politicians from receiving pensions. After serving terms, go get a job like everyone else."." "Future of the City and County of Denver, Colorado"

Those Politicians Pre-2019 your Pensions are Safe. Those city council Members Elected in 2019 You're Not. Okay We will let Denver voters Decide. Future of the City and County of Denver: What future? Who's Future" Denver's Future read the CODE ... ABSORB the CODE. THEN go Speak EDOC!!!! CAN YOU DIG IT!!!         - Marcus Giavanni