Lisa Calderon Denver: Lisa Calderon for Mayor of Denver in 2019

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Lisa Calderon: "Lisa Calderon for Mayor of Denver in 2019" Lisa Calderon is a "Shadow Candidate" and it is showing. Authority over Bullshi"." And "Lisa Calderon" to the Relevance of being the next Mayor of Denver for 2019"."

2019 Denver Mayor - Who will Be Mayor of Denver – Mayor of Denver "Michael Hancock" Will Be Beaten on election day, by Marcus Giavanni, establishing “Denver Liberation Day” on Tuesday, May 7, 2019. Denver Voters’ have had enough of the 10-year record high violent crimes, and they watched it climb ever since Marcus Giavanni told everyone why he wanted to run for Denver Mayor in 2015.

To which "Marcus Giavanni" came in 2nd place in the "2015 Denver Municipal Mayoral Elections Race". Did you know there was no Denver Mayoral debates or forums in the 2015 Denver Mayoral elections race? 2015 "Who Will Be Mayor of Denver 2019"."

Denver voters know Who will Be Denver Mayor in 2019. Voters Should know by now. That the new Denver Mayor will have to have built platforms, to show Voters, not just talk about it. And most of the candidates, and their campaigns have trolled all the candidates since 2003. - Marcus Giavanni

"Michael Hancock and Marcus Giavanni"

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Lisa Calderon Denver: Lisa Calderon Mayor of Denver #lisafordenvermayor - #lisa4denver - #itstime4lisa - #timesuphancock - #copolits - #denver7 - #denver - #colorado - #denvermayor2019 - #mayor2019

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Lisa Calderon: #lisa4denver - #itstime4lisa - Ean Tafoya - #believean - Veronica Barela Candidate District 3 - "Latino Forum" - Municipal

Published Dec 31, 2018 7:03 AM by Marcus giavanni | GP7A News | "Lisa Calderon" | "#lisa4denver"| #itstime4lisa | "Ean Tafoya" | #2019 | #believean | "Veronica Barela Candidate District 3" | "Latino Forum" |"2019 Denver Municipal Election" | 

Lisa Calderon: "Attorney Lisa Calderon" - Establishment Candidate in "Denial" - - Who is #lisa4denver? Should #itstime4lisa and "#believeean ". See, "Ean Tafoya" and "Veronica Barela", "Candidate District 3 2019" they are all part of the "Latino Forum". And Ean Tafoya has just joined the "Historic Denver"; nonprofit group; manipulated Denver's Identity since 1963. Decide not to hold a Denver Mayor Debate in the "2015 Denver Mayoral Election".” 

They all think it’s still 2011 Mayoral Election and 2015 Mayoral Election.  “Lisa Calderon, Veronica Barela, and Ean Tafoya” and all their friends; think nobody is watching in the “2019 Denver Mayoral Election

This election is being shadowed by the DOJ and the IRS. As well, as other alleged government and nongovernment agencies. That Denver Voters’ are sick and tired of being manipulated by these folks, and by “Penfield Tate Attorney” - "Lisa Calderon Attorney" - “Jamie Giellis face of a RiNoo” all play the shell game on the “Citzens of Denver”. 

They think, they are all playing a Shell Game. There are some Voters’ who have had enough of the Shell game monopoly take over since 1963.

What these folks must soon come to realize. That I am no “Chicken Little. But more of a “Paul Revere” letting you all know “the government is coming; the Government is coming. FYI-CYA! This will be battle of democracy like the world has never seen. To be the Most Powerful City and County Denver.

Denver is at the crossroads of making left down the same road for last 56 years. That has brought Denver to a record high violent crime, murders, robberies, suicide, smash and grabs. And enabling Government Hancock.

 Or making right to the empty promises of #tatefordenver, #lisa4denver#jamiefordenver and all their friends who are about to get bent by SCSSAR! 100% Verified.

Now, comes the only verified direction to go. Forward, forward, forward with eyes wide open, minds wide open, with love filled hearts to take control their “Future of the City and County of Denver” .

The forward motion of “Credibility Relevance Wisdom” known as the “CRW Super Highway” owned and operated by the Citzens of Denver. See “Networking City and County of Denver