Taking the lead in Governemnt requires drive and focus, as well as a great deal of skill. To keep things simple. And while drive and focus may come naturally, skills, more often than not, don't. Experienced Life Leadership and business skills are learned and take a good bit of effort and time to really build. A New Branding Campaign for the City and County of Denver, colorado. This is where having the many lifes shills, and triumping over advertsites only found in novels. Fluke is not a bad things. It's the Only Thing in Governement - MAN-G!

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Denver Governement - Denver City, County Government - - 2018, Denver Colorado Government back in 2011, and Denver Government 2015. Denver Government 2019 looking ahead of the gambit of deception. On what candidate said what, And what candidate has the credibility, relevance, and the wisdom to know what Denver Voters want, Expect, and in 2019 Denver Municipal Elections. Denver Voters will Win by the stroke of the Pen...


Sector partnership BUILDING



...Denver nobody likes to be lectured, and nobody likes to be told what to do, what to think, and especially who to vote for. But sometimes, a fluke story or an individual comes along. that only a Fluke Story would know. Wake Up Denver for a new category will be bestowed on the City Beautiful.

Known, as the city and county of Denver, Colorado. Where in 2015 Denver of Categorized as a Monopoly Government. Based on machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence Content Data Structuring algorithms. That I have personally taught, to look for, and find through indexing of all Google Content the credibility, and relevance, and the wisdom to know and learn, love, and teach Google products and services to our citizens.

Why pay for 2nd and 3rd party applications, or Apps. When as your next Mayoral Elect. I will show our Denver Information and Technology Team. The wonder world of Google. Where “Don’t Be Evil” is now replaced with “Do the Right Thing”.”

To me, that’s just a politically correct way for saying “Don’t be Evil”. At the same time the world alone does not belong in the content of goodness! Period!

One more thing. The Media who embraces Google, and its developers, and stop relying on in house Seo and SMO optimization teams. As their only source for content to be considered on Google browser search engine. What every you want to call it, just call it something, and then go for it!

Because, everyone bring some type of Google Authorship and Google Authority over a subject matter, or Category. Right now, I’s much easier to teach subject matters of authority one may have with a subject, experience to the Google Content Browser. And those who Love Google Browser. Loves Google!

If you want to know … Google Chrome Browser, and Google Search Enginecan be used on other browsers like Bing, Yahoo, Safari, Explorer, etc. How many Browsers are available? Here is a list of the Top 10 Browsers 

Tucker Carson Show Google Monopoly.

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