Google Mayor: What is a Google Mayor? City And County of Denver, CO Millennials know, Generation X, knows Google "Mayor Integration 2018. 2019 Introduction to Smart City Panasonic Technology. Denver Citizens raising the Intellectual Properties in the Minds of Denver Vtrs.  Google Credibility, Google Relevance, Google Wisdom, Google+ My Business, Google Law Authority, Google Authorship.  - Marcus Giavanni”.”



Google Mayor - Marcus Giavanni 2019 Mayor - - Google Mayor Denver Mayor for 2019. "Denver Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni". Denver’s first "2019 Candidate for Denver Mayor on December 20, 2016". Even though the Denver Post, Westword, and other media reported that Kayvan Khalatbari was only candidate to file. When the Media knew, Kayvan Khalatbari knew. Kayvan was not the first candidate to file. Why is this so important. When you think about Google. Google is all about Credibility, Relevance, and the Wisdom to have know better that Bullshit content is not what the Google Doctor ordered.

When Kayvan Khalatbari filed on February 14, 2017. It was learned that Kayvan Did ask “Am I the first candidate to file”. No Kayvan Khalatbari, Marcus Giavanni was first and Marcus Giavanni filed on December 20, 2016. What did Kayvan and friends do. They used their media friends like Denver Post and Westword, and others, and the cannabis industry, that made a big mistake backing a conflict of interets most voters say. You won't hear that anywhere else. The Gambits of Deception have been decoded. There is nothing anyone one can do about oit but Vote.

When you look at the structured Data on Google it's easy to read the foolishness, and the suppression of Democracy since 1963. For Denver to stay Relevant. Denver's Media better pull their heads from their Asses! You don't run Google! Google knows "Don't Be EVIL", and those, that "Do the Right Thing".  Tough talk demands, tough Leadership. Haters need to bake on some Killer Dank, Eat some Fast Food, drink some beer, and Shots Bitch! You all need something to cut that edge, that will no longer have relevance on Google. And the only reason you would be there. Is to prove, you really did destroy your own careers on Google Search.

So, tell your It department I have way ahead in authority, and it will only be a matter of time. When As the new Denver Mayoral Election. Will get the case management file on every person who is been in and out of the server. I know about “Change Management Authorization” and the entire process. I know how to read these types of reports., files, documents, applications, software, hardware, reliability reports, recommendations, and follow throughs reports.

I have authority SSL, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence,  Reversed Engineered Alphabetical Mathematical Equations, Data Content Extractor, Face recognition Laser Guided Programs, Traffic Light Safety and Smart Digital Technology Integration. Smart City and County Technology, 2019 Panasonic Smart City Technology, Homelessness Prevention and Rehabilitation, Biodiesel Technology, Sustainable and Renewable energy. And Solar hot water heaters installation, and training (since 1980).

I could go on and on. I Already now you get the picture. I am a Fluke.

My first 90 Days I will Implement the Teachers Pay Act – The Denver “Teacher Pay Act”; will allow Denver to pay for its Teacher $87,000 per year and the highest paid teachers in the United States. This act will also include working with the Denver Public Schools to create a liaison (Department head) that will work directly with the TPA Director. (No, new money, adding more responsibility, to those who can handle multi-tasking, multiple departments (No Pay increase, no yet. We must learn to do more with less.) and answering the independent monitor always. This is true transparency, and I have designed an application that will allow Denver Citizens the right to KNOW!)

Denver Right to Know Application will allow Denver citizens who join the movement, support the proud "Denver Citizens Program”. The Proud Denver Citizens Program will be available to all. Residents and Non-Resident Business Owners. Business Owners’ Pay Taxes. There for “Denver Non-Business Owner Act” will allow Denver Business Owners. The right to Vote in their Council Districts and will also be allowed full voting rights in Denver Municipal Elections.

Therefore, we must establish the Denver “Citizens Program”. The proud “Denver Citizens Program” will be available to all. Residents and Non-Resident Business Owners. Business Owners’ Pay Taxes. Therefore, we must establish the Denver “Non-Business Owner Voter Act” Business Owners In Denver must register nonpartisan and follow the nonpartisan Doctrine. Established under the “Speer Amendment 1913”.  Enabling, higher ranking on Google searches.

Once the city and county of Denver has reestablished, their identity; as a nonpartisan Government. Meaning No more Michael Hancock, No more Kayvan Khalatbari who stood silent when asked why no 2015 Denver Mayor Election or was it more like “I’m not running for Mayor, it does not affect me. – Kayvan 2015, as candidate for 5th place denver city council at large candidate. Who by all Kayvan Khalatbari’s Excuses. On why he did not attend many of the 2015 Denver Election Forums. To which, The Mayoral Candidates were denied speaking, and denied the citizens to ask tough question to Denver mayor through their candidates of Choice., by the hands off???

I shall digress back to the Denver “Citizens Program”. The proud Denver “Citizens Program” will be available to all. Proud Denver Citizens Program to all Residents, and Non-Resident Business Owners.

Citizens Program:

1.       Encrypted Email account (separate from Google)

2.       Google Account (to those who do not have one)

3.       Digital Blockchain Democracy Link (allows citizens, to vote on discussions, problems, etc. Think about it, like Digital Townhall Meeting. With Audio and Visual, and the new “Denver Blockchain Communicator. (More coming Soon, we have to worry about the candidates.) Here is a taste for those who want to know how. I am going to do. what I say. I’m going to do. “The Blockchain Communicator will be used to communicate between the government, and its citizens at the same time. Allowing for questions, concerns, and problems stoking Denver, and its citizens. Never have to worry about you don’t know what’s going on in Denver Government. Or Denver Government won’t help, listen, or worse, try to destroy, suppress, take your kids way, business license away. Anything you have a problem with any Departments, employees, any city official, and nonpartisan groups, bullies, or cowards picking on you Call the Marcus Giavanni. There’s new sheriff’ coming to Denver. And they are called “Citizen Voters”. More coming soon. Tell Everyone”.”

4.       Denver Teacher Pay Act: Will be set like this. 1 -5 years $57,000 plus $1,000 per year, per teacher for expenses for classroom expenditures. Teacher must keep a receipt book. For accountability. Money must be spent in each school year. 6 – 12 years $67,000. And 13 – 20 years. 87,000 plus 1,000 per year, per teacher for expenses for classroom expenditures. Techers will have a teacher aid, and teacher aid volunteers. 1 teacher aid per 15 students. With At large Teacher aids, that represent the Mayors Office, and City council, Auditor, and Clerk and Recorder. (More on this later, and how to pay for it!!! We got your back teachers you goanna, love Giavanni’s Idea, on how to pay for these “Bream Building Wants and Expenditures”. Priceless!)

5.       Denver Blueline Pay Act: Will be Set like: Police grade 4; $119,000 , 3rd $125,00 , 2nd 131,00 , 1st grade $138,000, Technician $148,000 , Detective $154,000 , Corporal $164,000 , Sergeant $174,000 , Lieutenant 184,00. Denver police Brass would get the same percentage of raise. Just as their subordinates are getting. We are not clear on those numbers, and bonuses, and other factors that determine their annual pay, and retirement. Ad that’s between them and their Union, and financial advisors. This would hold true for Fire Department, And EMT and Sheriff Department.

6.       Denver Employee Pay Act: Shhhh!

Boom Baby! - Marcus Giavanni

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