Google Blockchain - Google Blockchain United States - - "Google Blockchain Technology Networking" in cities and counties across the United States. It all started in 2011, when then Mayoral candidate Mucus Giavanni; stumbled over some advance artificial intelligence, cross talk. Extracted during an advanced Google Algorithm Searches 2011.

Now in 2018. The so-called experts, and those claiming to welcome Blockchain Technology. They planted their tree the day they made the announcement. And since there are very few, that can do, what I do. With the Google authority and Google Authorship. The so-called experts, who never build, but take from others, and talk about who they want to discredit. Or Inhance, turning a sow’s ear, into a silk purse. Either way Google knows, their internet provider knows, the cell phone provider knows. And any 2nd and 3rd party applications you either signed up for, or you been virusized. The more, and more, you tried to hide your identity. Your building identifiers, as some, who think, they are anonymous. Wacth out!

The Good news! Google can’t control your circles, outside of Google. And therefore, all authors have a right to write whatever they wan't about anybody. Google, does not go to the media,and tell them. What to publish in their circles. Yet, the media wants to bully Google.

Because they can’t control Google. Though, like me. We all have a chance to know Google, Feel Google, and Use Google in the Google World of possibilities. Where we share everything. If you don’t like to Share. Or talk about Innovation, Love and Peace! Helping our fellow man, women, and children. Get off our Google! – Marcus Giavanni (Fluke Extraordinaire), owns GP7A News, located in the United States. Located In the state of Colorado. Located in the City and county of Denver.

Marcus Giavanni is an underground Google Blockchain, Google Blockchain Technology, Google Blockchain Data Content, Google Local Data Protection Agencies. The most powerful Google+ Law Authority by Marcus Giavanni. Worldwide SEO and SMO Guru since 2011. It’s the triumph over many, many adversities, that gave me, the authority over many subject matters. And the fact my Book was digitalized by Google Books. 

Here are my categories of authority … Government, Politics, Supreme Court, Federal Court, City and County Courts, DOJ, FBI, DEA, US Attorney Office, City County, Private Attorneys (All Practices), Google, Entertainment (ALL Industries), Publishing (ALL Industries), Radio (All Industries), Internet, Financial, Sports, Forex, Governor, Mayor, City Council, Auditor, Clerk and recorder, Sustainable Energy, Renewable Energy, Martial Arts, Weapons, Vocalist, Teacher, Mentoring, Advocate, Construction (All Phases, except Electrician. I had ben electrocuted multiple times. NO WAY). Journeyman Painter, Apprenticeship, Beverly Hills California. IT, (Hardware, Software, Installation), I could go on and on folks. You get the picture. And moreover, I have subject matter of Authority.

I am a Google Developer. I gather, protect content for what’s best for me on Google. I do not collect information for Google. And everyone is welcomed to be a Google Developer. And it takes 5 years. To build your authority. If your 20, it will take 30 years. To build a bucket list of accomplishments, many failures (Failing is how you become better, if you never failed at anything. There will be categories, you will never, ever, be found in those advanced searches, false accusations (this is the Killa, and destroying reputations, all based on bullshit), triumphing over adversities. And never giving up. And always Doing the Right Thing. So, you Don’t be EVIL on Google Chrome, and Google Search!!! – Marcus Giavanni


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