Denver Elections ? 2018 Denver Elections 2019 - - Next Municipal Elections in the City and County of Denver, Colorado. Michael Hancock Denver ? Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock - - Denver Mayor since 2011, and Michael Hancock, was reelected for a 2nd term in 2015. About the election year of 2015 Denver Mayoral Elections. And the fate of Denver?s Government would be categorized as a ?Denver Monopoly Government?.

Prior to 2015, and specifically, the elections year of 2011. When all hell broke loose, and Michael B. Hancock, Stephanie O?Malley, Denver Elections. Got away with keeping candidates off the ballot. And this is when the categorizing, and the open published rumors that the Democratic Party has held a virtual monopoly since 1963.

Voters you must remember, the internet was not as advanced, and with the new changes in algorithms, and the introduction of Google+ and Google My Business, and Google Authorship came into the lime light. That the experts decide, they would have no part in the new Google+, Google My Business, and Google Authorship.  These experts decided they would not learn the new way of Google Platforms.

One person decided to listen to Google. And only listen to Google. And the artificial Intelligence, that guides candidate Marcus Giavanni to accomplish Blockchain Content Development. Causing the migration of like mined content. For the next few years, you will see those fake, bias, media experts. Next to content written by all Google Developers, who know the knew source coding for all Internet browsers.

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Denver Elections: 2019 Denver Municipal Election Tuesday, May 7, 2019 - "The Most Powerful City and County of Denver in the World"

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2019 Mayoral "Candidate Launches Networking City and County of Denver. This is a Google+ Cloud Based Platform. The Only One of it's kind in the world. In 2015, then candidate Marcus Giavanni for 2015 Denver Mayoral ElectionsHas built the first ever Virtual Denver International Hub 2019. And the Hub Launch on January 1, 2019"." Remember, Candidate Marcus Giavanni filed for Mayor in the 2011 Denver Mayoral Elections. Candidate Marcus Giavanni. The knowing, opponent Giavanni came in 2nd pace. No 2015 Denver Mayoral Debates for 2015 Denver Voters. And not one candidate, except Denver city councilman Rafael Espinoza. Expressed concern about Denver; not letting Voters have a Denver Mayoral Debate. Little do thes folks know. Denver Voter don't forget. This conversation, and its content is trending in background conversations. Rest assuered Denver Voters want to see enginnuity.

They want to see their teachers paid. Their Law Enforement Paid. Their Firdepatment, and EMT Paid. We can't boast Denver is the Top place to Love. With 10 year high violent crime rate. Those media who spin, or those our from nowhere websites. Ranking Denver on poure bullshi! They can't do that anymore!

- Marcus Giavanni

There are only a few in the world that know how to integrate Blockchain Content. That will migrate to each other. Trigger by current, and future conversations. That person is 2019 Denver Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni.

The local Media, like Denver Post, Westword, KDVR, CBS, NBC, FOX, KNUS, KHOA, And many others over the years. They use downtrodden tactic to either ignore, pick on, delegitimize a candidate. Or to pick and choose the Democratic candidate, and Democratic controlled city and county departments, and other nonprofits. All in the name of Nonpartisan Government. And in 2011 Michael B. Hancock was elected Mayor. And everyone went on with their lives. Well Almost!

During the years of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. The political Category was not defied yet pertaining to the legality of Denver Government, being nonpartisan, (by City Charter), controlled by Democrats; since 1963). Though, there were written books that told of the characters, and entities to back up the claims. As to the authority to which the city and county of Denver must operate under Denver City Charter (As Well as Many other categories, places, persons, business, and locations), the constitution of Denver?s Government, and rules and regulations.

How could this happen??? How could the Democratic Party, take over the entire elections system, put in place all Democratic operatives in all 150+ Departments. Give jobs to the loyalist by appointing them to head of departments, all this includes candidates that run for office, who are democrats. And get position as an employee either by appointment or creating a job positions for those long time serving the Democratic Party. This would be fine if Denver was a partisan Government. Not partisan elections, but a partisan Government.

Have you ever heard of the Speer Amendment 2019 Page 56.