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Denver Elections Division: "Municipal Candidates 2019" - "Michael Hancock" - "Marcus Giavanni" - The "Mayor" - "Auditor" - "Clerk and Recorder" - "City Council At-Large" - "City Council " - "Candidates" - #PaulLopez5280 - #twitter - #youtube - Google+ -#tatefordenver - #jamiefordenver - #mayorhancock - @KDVRn 2006, after battling many hurricanes form 2002 – 2005. With one that almost killed my young family in Florida. My children were 6, 4, and 18 months old. We lived in our car for two weeks. We were homeless, for it brought great trauma to our lives. And I was not over the death of my father. We moved to Denver, the city I thought was a nonpartisan Government.

In 2007, "Denver Human Serves took my children from me for 6 months. And put me in jail. All based on coaching and creating a habitual offender of filing false charges against me. With the Denver police department, and other law enforcement close behind. To finish what the FBI started. I have a record of every person I spoke to, every Department I went too, and every council person, including Mayor "Michael Hancock", and the "Governor John Hickenlooper"."

To find they are a bunch of Kleptocrats. That only care about themselves, their party, and the money they been stealing from the Denver coffers for decades.

In 2011, I decide to take the high road, and document everything, and I learned to be a Google Developer, and realized that Google was my salvation. I learned it with great vengeance, to restore my families name, my civil rights, my children’s civil rights. And to use it against tyranny, and the kleptocrats who seem to think, they can bullshit us any further.  

Sorry, about the language, but colorful language, brings colorful results. And if you all could only see my Google Dash board, my Chrystal ball into the future. And Denver Citizens will have full control of my platforms, when I am elected Mayor of Denver 2019.

My Voters. Expect me to do what I say and say what I’ll do. Knowing over the last 7 years. I have not only built the promised free platforms, that will seek and destroy. Those who delegitimizes the Democracy of the city and county of Denver, Colorado. And those candidates, who can really make a difference; but the media decides. Who they will promote, destroy, and ignore. All in the name of $$$. That’s their right!

Underfund, yes, I am, and when you look at what’s about to hit the fan. Thank God for Google. Thank God for those silent Majority Democrats, Independents, Republicans and other 8% party affiliated voters. The Millennials and their Generation X Parents, and baby boomer grandparent’s parents.

They all know all 80,000+ silent majority who have been left out in the cold. And they have seen the last 10 years to which Denver now is at record level violent crimes and murder. These brave citizens know about the Speer Amendment 1913. They know about the internet. Because behind the scenes. The conversations are growing, “Denver is Nonpartisan, and Mayor of Denver Michael Hancock does not care about all citizens. Like he says. Only those who vote for him, give him money, and who are not, a thorn in his Peak Leadership. 

With that said, I swore, to myself and my vote base. Now 80,00+ strong silent, waiting to put you all, back in your places. We would be better than any news agency in Colorado. And that we would build a platform. Like no one, has ever seen or heard of in the last 7 years. We have created a Niche that works off the conversation of those media Journalist. Who seem to be caught up in the Yellow Journalism of sorts, of fake, bias, and manipulated Tags favoring one candidate over another. 

So, go head media, drool over all that cash. For it will be the last wind fall of election money coming out of Denver Politics. True Campaign finance reform. 

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