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Published Feb 13, 2019 3:13 AM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | About "Denver Decides Candidates LWV-Denver INC Historic Denver" | "Denver Mayor Candidate Marcus Giavanni" | "LWV Denver" | "League of Women Voters Denver" Nacy Ulrich | "Denver INC" | "INC" "Inter Neighborhood Cooperation" George Mayl | "Historic Denver" Carla McConnel | "RNOs" | "Denver TV 8" | "Denver Decides Dengov.org" | Kleptocrats Insuring A Kleptocracy Government in 2019 | Credibility Relevance Wisdom | Social Credit System 2019 | "Social Credit System Scores and Rankings 2019 | SCSSAR 2020 and Beyond | @irsnews | @thejusticdept | @civilrights

Denver Debate: Does "Denver Decides Candidates with LWV of Denver and Denver INC, and Historic Denver. Investigation says Yes. And more people and Organizations are involved.

There is an ongoing investigation since 2011. And 2015 was the digital indexing of many categories, subject matters. Government and Politics was the first to be Indexed, to pattern match, past content, to present Conversations and by whom.

Now, it's been digitalized, that these three Organizations, have partnered up. As they did in 2015. Now, the entire organizational chart of all the players on the staff, in committees, on boards, and elsewhere.

Now, the faces are being Indexed to match the voices to match uploaded content on all Browsers.

To keep it simple, we were asked to show how pattern matching those who are part of the suppressors, and interference into Denver Elections since 2011.

The Blockchain of events by said perpetrators have been identified by Artificial Intelligence with preprogrammed Machine Learning has brought this content to the forefront of this investigation.

Upon information and beliefs, these alleged perpetrators, have become so, emboldened. That they are oblivious to the current Conversations of most voters. And for some reason, they think they have law enforcement in their pocket.

You all better think again by Marcus Giavanni with GP7A News about the corruption with Denver Decides Candidates and now these identifiers are LWV-Denver, INC, and Historic Denver". When you look who sits on the boards, or staff; their party affiliation, and donors. What have digitally crossed pattern match all you corrupt, suppressors, of Democracy and power over the entire city and county of Denver's Government".

Denver Forums: "Denver Decides Candidates with LWV of Denver, Denver INC and Historic Denver

Published Fe 13, 2019 5:19 AM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | "Denver Teachers Strike Today 2.13.2019" | Striking Teachers for a 3rd Day of Teachers Strike | "City and County of Denver Teachers" | Finding "@denverteachers" | Knowing "@coloradoea" | Teacher "Omair Trembee" Delta High School |  Scoial Credit System Scores and Rankings 2020 - Marcus Giavanni

2.11.19: Denver Teachers Strike Today 2.13.2019 3rd day of Striking #teachers - "City and County of Denver Teachers" - @denverteachers

Denver Decides: Denver Candidates - LWV-Denver - INC - Historic Denver - Forum Debate - Nancy Ulrich - Larry Ambrose to Geroge Mayl 

Denver Mayor Candidate Marcus Giavanni" and thousands of witnesses saw what "LWV Denver"; "League of Women Voters Denver" and "Navy Ulrich", has been Categorized a mouth piece for the Democratic Party. As well as others.

This would not be a problem, if Denver Elections were Partisan Elections, and LWV was not a nonprofit, @Irsnews tax exempt organization. And there is years, of digital foot print that is about to be introduced.

Now comes: "Denver INC" also known as "INC", better known as "Inter Neighborhood Cooperation" with Chair George Mayl his face, his voice, his profile has now been digitalized. And all those Conversations, we can now pick from the cloud, to show up on Any and all Browsers. This includes the entire staff, and board members, and volunteers, have you all heard of the RICO Act??? 

Now it is "Historic Denver". I'm 2015 Historic Denver was part of the design maker of no Denver Mayoral Debates and Forums first time history. And when you cross pattern match the faces and names of the board members and staff and volunteers, and treasures.

In fact, you have Ean Thomas Tafoya who sits on the board of Historic Denver (they changed content, but we got) Ean sits in the Colorado Latino Forum, and is treasure for Veronica Barela District 3 candidate, ( Veronica Barela lied about Harms reduction) and in front of witnesses Then Councilman Doug Linkhart, and Commander Tony Lopez, as well as many Others, saw the abuse Veronica Barela did to me in front of everyone who attended a special meeting about Harms Reduction.

Although Veronica Barela is used to be the bully, she is about to get a taste of reality. On who Denver voters are sick of the corruption, and Veronica would best just get out of the race. And enjoy her retirement, because if she is elected.

Now we have 85 "RNOs" neighborhood district under the control of INC or Inter Neighbor. And their propaganda media partner the city and county of Denver.

Knowns as "Denver TV 8" and "Denver Decides Dengov.org" the sneaky Kleptocrats Insuring A Kleptocracy Government in 2019.

Denver is facing a serious Credibility Relevance Wisdom issues, and the possibilities of civil and criminal According to thousands of Denver voters. Who you folks DoNotControl

Social Credit System Scores and Rankings 2019

So, We will pass on your Forum, based on the last few Elections. We cannot participate, in your attempts to influence Denver's Elections, your favor.

- People For A More Pragmatic