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City and County of Denver - Contact Denver Colorado - - On Wednesday, May 23, 2018 Marcus Giavanni with GP7A News in the City and County of Denver, Colorado. Marcus Giavanni, Google Developer of CityandCountyofDenver.Net. People for a More Pragmatic Government is Networking Colorado; since 2011. Introducing the Innovation Love and Peace Platform for the City of Denver. And the County of Denver in the beautiful sate of Colorado 2018. Looking for Things to do, to Visit, Relocate. Are you Moving, Living, Working, Voting, Playing, and Exploring Colorado. We want to hear from you. If you need emergency Call 911. If you're in the City and County of Denver. Call 911 Non-emergency help Line. The 311 Operators is the best ran department in the City and County of Denver.

As Denver's Next Mayoral Elect for 2019 Denver is at the fork in the road. 

By Turning right or voting for Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock. Who makes $260,000 for the rest of his life. With $700,000,000 in short falls 7 years, or up to 2017. We have a front runner candidate Cary Kennedy, Democrat and CFO for Denver Mayor Michael Hancock.

Cary Kennedy was part of the bean counting, and part of the $700,000,000 Million, or almost 3/4 of a billion dollars. And not to mention the $7000,000,000 Deficit by Governor Hickenlooper. For those who are paying attention. To this Sand box full of Peaked Leveled Leadership; Out of control spenders'.

Whom haves brought Denver to its knees with the last 10 years, to a record breaking all time high Violent Crime for the city and county of Denver. Yikes!!!

Superman, with the Iron Fist where are you!!!

If Denver Voters' decide to Vote to Turn Left and vote for #VoteKayvan2019 

They have ow turned to so far left. Denver will be our of control. Denver Voters' say they like what Ganjapreneur Kayvan for Denver Mayor 2019. But they don't want the Marijuana Industry or Attorney Robert Hoban taking over the Operations, or Governing of the city and county of Denver, Colorado. 

To make things worse! Kayvan Khalatbari, thinks he can pick his city council. Hey Kayvan, That's not how any of this works. You?ve been hanging out with establishment to long. City Council are law makers they represent the people. The Mayor of Denver represents the people, visitors, business owners, institutions, etc. The Mayor Vetoes Laws, The Mayor cannot pick the city council to create laws that would benefit the Marijuana Industry. Or any other Industry. for that matter.

No, Denver Voters' are talking making their own path. Cutting through the fork in the road. Not Turning right, and Not Turning Left. And making a road to the nonpartisan, city and county of Prosperity and Happiness, for Our Future Denver. Denver Citizens will come together (80,033 Silent Majority voters, Supporting Marcus Giavanni, December 13, 2017). This will be the end of who raises the most money wins.

This 2019, Denver Municipal elections, will be, another category that will describe. The city and county of Denver entire Government. As a Kleptocracy. In 2015, did you know that the city and county of Denver Government was categorized as a Monopoly Government. there is a very small % of people, analysts, who actually knows what this Government Categorizing means. 

Denver will come together, and take back their government from the ruling party, Democrats of Denver, since 1963. That means a Democrat has been elected Mayor for 54 years. Another words, The money Salazar (Democrat) is raising money for Michael Hancock is not nonpartisan. And the rule of law has now been Google digitalized. What most people in the SEO Industry did not follow, the correct protocols. To establish a true Google+ and Google My Business verified business.

Have you ever heard of Google+ Truth Algorithms and Google Knowledge Based Trust Marcus Giavanni.

Future Denver

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