Clerk and Recorder: Denver Clerk and Recorder by Marcus Giavanni - Debra Johnson - eSign - No Checks and Balances - Petition Failure 

Cerk and Recorder: "Does "Wikipedia" and "Ballotpedia know about indexing? Offcie of the Clerk and Recorder and “Candidate Marcus Giavanni is the Icon for representing Denver citizens since 2011. “Marcus Giavanni” was denied on the 2011 ballot, and made the 2015 ballot, and Marcus Giavanni came in 2nd Place for “Denver Mayoral Election in 2015” to “Denver Mayor Michael Hancock”.

Does the asset representing the Government. Have friends in the “Denver Elections Division” some voters’ Denver Colorado capitol city of Colorado. Will Not the City council measure the Denver Metro area citizens; concerns about referred homelessness and downtown development to the highest bidder? Of course, because property owners, who have paid 30-year mortgages are the ones who built Denver. And they should share in the profits of Denver’s economic real estate growth.

- Marcus Giavanni

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