City Council: Stacie Gilmore - Chris Hinds - Calls Defund Police - #cityofdenver | @cityofdenver | #Denver

Published June 9, 2020 9:20 PM by "Marcus Giavanni" Authority 2023 | #cityofdenver "Identifier" | "Denver City" Council Identity | "About" | City Council "Stacie Gilmore" "Chris Hinds" Calls "Defund Police" | @denverpolice | @denvercrime | Credibility Relevance Wisdom | #credibilityrelevancewisdom | District 10. Capitol Hill, Cheesman Park, Cherry Creek, Congress Park, Country Club, Golden Triangle, Uptown | @chrisfordenver | #denvcitycouncil | @denverelections | @SGilmoreDist11 | #denverpolice | #denvercrime | #sgilmoredist11 | 

District 10: "All the hard work Councilman Wayne New Did to protect this core business area and the heart of Denver. Now, Councilman Chris Hinds, wants to let all those people you, all most rid of. Come back, and rob, carjacking, violent crimes, suicide; and who you gonna call"."

When you get robbed, beaten up, rapped, door kicked in, is Councilman Chris Hinds; coming to rescue you all. The Police are there to make arrests, and build a case for prosecution. And the City Attorney, or DA, or AG will pick up the case to either pursuit it, plead out, or drop the case. I trust Those 300,000+ Voters are watching their City Beautiful be Destroyed by those who do not love Denver. Councilman Chris Hinds needs to be recalled. If District 10 wants to keep its Social Credit System Scores and Rankings 2020.