Taking the lead in the city and County of Denver News requires drive and focus, as well as a great deal of skill. And while drive and focus may come naturally, skills, often, don't. Denver News Leadership, and Communication skills are learned and take a good bit of effort and time to really build. This is where Denver having their own Nonpartisan News Source comes into play. Media Will no longer Bullshi the Citizens of Denver. - Marcus Giavanni, GP7A News the Most Powerful Nonpartisan News Platform 2019!


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"Denver Media Digital Network Services. And the roll these "News and Entertainment outlets" play in our "Denver Communities" for years have held a Monopoly over the Citzens, their Government, and Politicians since 1963"." DENVER Voters' are tired if being played by the establishment elite, and their fake and bias, IRS non-profit status quos! And Others Bankrolling the "Denver election".

That has yielded 10-year record high Violent crimes murders suicide robberies smash and grabs, homelessness and enabling those Social issues, so they can all donate to those who talk. And keep the same old Political party in Power. - Marcus Giavanni

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Denver Teachers Strike #2: 2019 Look the Establishment Endorses Mayor Hancock - Jennifer Bacon Member of Denver Board of Education - Barbara O’Brien member of Denver Board of Education - Rosemary Rodriguez former member of Denver Board of Education - Mike Johnson, former member of Denver Board of Education - "Follow the Money" - Denver Teacher getting hoodwinked - Marcus Giavanni