GP7A News: Denver Colorado - Sneak peak, trending June 201.    Cannabis Government Takeover City of Denver Marijuana GP7A News

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"City and County of Denver, Networking, Colorado 80202. City and County of Denver Network City Colorado - GP7A News and Marcus Giavanni, will prove the City of Denver, Colorado 80202. Published on March 13, 2018 2:40 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | City County of Denver. Denver a Digital Beacon, for the entire World to see. To ensure Denver has the skills and knowledge it takes to succeed at the higher levels in Social Standings, and Google+ Law Authority Ranking happening all over the United States. 

Published May 24, 2018 6:25 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Colorado Network 2011 | Denver Network 2015 | Video for City and County of Denver | Colorado |  Colorado.  Uploaded by City And County of Denver - City Denver - - City and County of Denver. Denver Network City Colorado. Published May 24, 5:20 ... - Marcus Giavanni Click Here for Story Denver Network 

Published May 27, 2018 4:20 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Colorado Attorney | Robert "Bob" Hoban Lawyer | The Hoban Law Group Denver | Kayvan Khalatbari | Marijuana Industry Take Over | Marijuana Industry Take Over | Kayvan Khalatbari and Bob Hoban Hand Picking Candidates for Council Districts || Current Denver City Council District Incumbents | Save your Credibility and Relevance | Denounce Your Party Affiliation | Swear allegiance to the City and County of Denver, Colorado. - Marcus Giavanni


City and County of Denver Network: Denver a City in Colorado - GP7A News ... Innovation Love and Peace

Published May 27, 2018 2:36 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Habitual Offenders | City of Denver | Black Hat Abyss | Keith Olbermann | The View | Career Killa' | Artificial Intelligent Code Front-End | AICF | Data Scientist Marcus Giavanni | Blockchain Technology | Blockchain Data | Blockchain Content | Google Indexing | Local Data Protection Agency | Google+ Pages Additional Terms of Service | Google Authenticity | Google May Authorize | You may Authorize |

City and County of Denver: Black Hat Abyss Vortex - Will Suck Us All in - Fake Bias Journalism - Since 2011 - SCSSAR 2020

Kayvan Khalatbair and Robert Hoban Attorney Denver: Denver Voters Say No to Marijuana Take Over of Denver Government in 2018. Denver Attorney Bob Hoban and Kayvan Khalatbari hand picking City Council Candidates. What??? We ar Nonpartisan Govenremnt -  Speer Amendment 1913

Published July 19, 2018 10:01 Am by Marcus Giavanni| GP7A News | Mayor | Denver Mayor Michael Hancock | Mayor of the City and County of Denver | Michael Hancock Salary | $260,000 Pension Rest Of Life | City Council Member Pension | $90,000 Annually Rest of Life | Total Annual Pension Rest of Life | $260,000 | What CEO Makes Life time Full Sarlary for Retirement | !0 year Record Murder and Violent Crimes Denver | Mayor Hancock wants 4 more years to give Michael Hancock 20 years of Ruling Denver | Google Mayor

Denver Colorado - Denver Mayor Michael Hancock 2019 - - Mayor of the City and County of Denver Movement, about voters pushing #TimesUpHancock and no reelection in 2019. For Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. What the media does not understand, like 9 News. Reporting on July 7, 2018 - "Mayor Michael B. Hancock" to Retain the Denver's Mayor's Office. This is the Furthest from the TRUTH! Some Voters think. but when you really look, at what 9 News wrote ... "Mayor Michael Hancock's campaign to "retain the Denver mayor's office" is outpacing challengers in fundraising and spending. Meaning, that for Michael Hancock to retain his office; Mayor needs to out past challenger in fundraising, and spending". What these folks don't realize, this old school Funding talk, and manipulation, and further suppression of Democracy.

Meaning that now, we have Google (Some say Don?t believe everything you read on Google, in a few years. You will be able to believe what you read on Google). Google+ Truth algorithm and Knowledge based-trust. Along with Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. And their capabilities to Index Everything. Like Voices, Faces, locations, colors, shapes, sizes, sound, movement, and cross talk communication Indexing. Meaning, who ever is in the room, talking up a storm, and those where listing, you are all being Indexed. For Conversations being indexed for the next Google Top Organic Search. Now, #Denver Voters, want to see, people who can come. - Marcus Giavanni

Published July 24 2018 5:56 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Colorado | City and County of Denver | Government | Colorado Government | + 63 More | Counties | Categorizing Cities & Counties | Marcus Giavanni | SMO Worldwide | | #denvermayor | #TimesUpHancock | #TapTheVote | #Denver | Mayor 2019 @denverTeachers

Colorado: City and County of Denver Government - Colorado Government - Denver Voter Revolt  + 63 More Counties - Catigorizing Cities and Counties - Marcus Giavanni - SMO Worldwide -

Colorado - City and County of Denver Government ? Denver Government is the City and County of Denver. Denver Voters realizing they have been lied to since 1963. Candidate Marcus Giavanni ?Knowing that Government in Denver should be Nonpartisan. Not Nonpartisan Ballot Only; the way the current ?Denver Elections Division? have been telling the citizen voters since 1963. And Now after 54 years of Democratic Rule their ideologies are coming back to bite them all. With Denver now facing the reality of a ?10-year, Record High Violent Crimes Denver?. The problem is Denver Mayor Michael Hancock for Denver 2019

Published Nov 21, 2018 4:13 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | City and County of Denver | "City of Denver" A Mayor for All People 2019 | "Networking Denver" | "Business Opportunities" | "Denver Government" |  2019 Denver Municiple Elections | Google+ Law Authority on G-Suite | "Social Credit System 2019" | "Score or Ranking 2019" | "Social Credit System Scores and Rankings 2014 -2019 |  SCSSOR 2020 by Marcus Giavanni 

It's no longer a secret - Denver 2018 14-year High Murder and 10-year Violent Crimes against its citizens. Visit, Relocate, Move, Live, Work, Play, and Explore Colorado.  Smarter, not Harder, for Denver's Reputation is the Only Thing!

SUCCESS in the
City and County of Denver

Credibility - Relevance - Wisdom - 2019

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"City and County of Denver - Government - - Located in City of Denver. News County of Denver in Denver Colorado. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Marcus Giavanni. Should Credibility Relevance Wisdom be Voters Focus. Yes! Who Will Be Mayor, no #tatefordenver, #lisa4denvermayor, #timesuphancock, #2019 @RiNoart @jamiefordenver, "." - Marcus Giavanni

City and County of Denver: City And County of Denver "City Denver" Beautiful" in Colorado 80202 - GP7A News The Most Powerful

Published May 25, 2018 10:01 PM | Updated; Sep 12, 2019 3:19 AM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | City and County of Denver 2016 Colorado 80202 | Be Part of the City that You Love | 2019 Future of Denver | 2019 Future Colorado | 2011 Fighting | 2015 Battling | For | 2019 Nonpartisan Denver Government | Since 2011 | Marcus Giavanni is the Point MAN for 2019 | Future Denver International Hub 2019 | Donate | Vote | Live | Work | Play | Explore Colorado | 64 Counties Strong | 2015 Candidate Marcus Giavanni

Top OrganicConversation Under Ground Trends: #mayorhancock#Lisa4denvermayor - #tatefordenver #jamie4denverThe Most Powerful City and County of Denver in the World (When Candidates and Campaigns Search, Visit, Talk and with Whom, and Where)

City and County of Denver - 2011 Denver Mayoral Candidate - - 2015 the City, County, Denver, Colorado. Denver Mayoral Election 2015. Denver, for the first time in history. Did not hold a 2015 Denver Mayoral Debate or Denver Mayoral Forum in the year if 2015. This pissed off many Democratic Voters, Republican voters, and the fastest growing voter group the nonpartisan/independent voters. 

These Denver Voters' love their debates, they love to see the candidates battle, they want to see their candidates, ask the tough questions on why in 2018 Denver is now at an all-time high of Violent Crimes, Car Jacking, Home invasions, Murders, etc. The turf wars in Denver. have not even started. They are in the infancy stage, to the Early Stages of Gang organization in the 70's and 80's in Los Angeles, and Phoenix. Compared to what Denver is going through now. 

Denver has an opportunity to take back their government, and restoral democracy 

The category of Government. You can believe what they say or believe what you see.

About the new "Front Runner 2019 Mayor Denver" Marcus Giavanni Denver 2019 Mayoral "front-runner". In 2011 and 2015 Candidate Marcus Giavanni was telling Voters "Be Part of the City that You Love". about Mayor of Denver for 2019. Leader Candidate Marcus Giavanni ran in 10' 15', came in 2nd with 8.5% of the vote for Mayor of Denver"."

The City and County of Denver 2011, and the "2011 Mayoral Elections", about "Mayoral Debates 2015". The City and County of Denver for the first time in Denver History. In 2015 Denver Mayoral Elections there was no Denver Debates"." And no "Denver Mayoral Forums 2015".

About the "Future Mayor of Denver 2019",  and the "Denver Mayoral Candidates for 2019". About "2019 Denver Elections for Mayor", "Denver's Next Mayor", City of Denver's GP7A News reports from the "City and County of Denver", about Future Denver, there will be no "Denver Mayoral Debates", or "Denver Mayoral Forums".

What City, County, Denver? Where in the City and County of Denver? What about Denver News about the Denver Elections? Did you know that Denver Government was categorized as a Monopoly Government? Denver Health, Denver Jobs, Google Video Search, #Timesuphancock.

"Mayoral Future Marcus Giavanni", see, looking for the "Next Mayor of Denver", and Future, city, and county of Denver; see, #Tapthevote,  with no "Denver Mayoral Candidate Debates or Forums", Larry Ambrose, Write-In Candidate for "Denver Mayor" and President of Inter Neighborhood Cooperation or also known as "Denver Inc". Candidate "Marcus Giavanni", stood up to these organizations, and Larry Ambrose, host the Marcus Giavanni  on Independent Talk 1100 KFNX. "I, Marcus Giavanni is "Working with Everyone who Loves Denver; Be Part of the City that You Love. - Marcus Giavanni in 2015

Mayor: Denver Mayor Michael Hancock - Time's Up Hancock Movement Marcus Giavanni - GP7A News - #TimesupHancock - Michael Hancock

Published Feb 5, 2019 9:39 AM by Marcus Giavanni | "City and County of Denver" | GP7A News | "The Most Powerful City and county of Denver in the World"

@denverteachers: #denverteachers 2.11.19 Teachers Strike Denver by Marcus Giavanni - #mayorhancock - #hancockfordenver

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Marcus Giavanni: Mayor Most Powerful City of Denver Worldwide 

Published Feb 15, 2019 5:19 AM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | "Marcus Giavanni for Mayor to The Most Powerful City of Denver" | Worldwide | #denvermayor | #mayorhancock | @mayorhancock | @cityofdenver | @dencitycouncil | #denver7 | #kdvr | #denverwestword | As the now catigorized monoplized bad actors try to manipulte content on my Google Get Off It!

Most Powerful City of Denver Worldwide - Marcus Giavanni Has built the Most Powerful Social Network Platform in the History of Denver. The algorithms are set based on Laws. and the fact Denver's Government should and will be Nonpartisan Government on 5.7.2019.

GP7A News: About "Marcus Giavanni for Mayor to The Most Powerful City of Denver in the World. To establish this important conversation Worldwide | #denvermayor | #mayorhancock | @mayorhancock | @cityofdenver | @dencitycouncil | #denver7 | #kdvr | #denverwestword | As the now categorized, monopolized, identifiers of the bad actors try to manipulate their content on my Google Get Off It! While you still have a chance. Before POP moves in on all you. Did I say Popo? Or do my voters want the Federal Government @thejusticedept, @irsnews, @justiceiog. Sorry, I must warn the citizens of all possible imminent dangers, when they are fucking up! And now this election will make 3. Did I mention I don’t need to be mayor to restore Denver Nonpartisan Government. And George Mayl now that you know. You had better stop pushing your known agenda, and control of 85 Neighborhood districts all controlled by Democratic Operatives. These events has caused a silent majority of Voters to ask about the Rico Act against many bad actors, and organizations. Who think they have more authority, than me. Voters will clean it up. If not, these other good actors are going to ROCK YOUR Worlds.

After the 2019 Denver Mayoral Election. That many of these entities, and individuals are getting their 2nd chance of redemption.

 And not to mention the new category indexing for Denver’s Government as a Kleptocracy Government. This will spell dooms day for the City and County of denver in the Future City and State Social Credit System Scores and Ranking 2019. You IT people, you can’t be that stupid, and let your professional jealousy to take done the scores and ranking of Denver???

Believe it or not! You All deserve what is coming! Civil and Criminal may be the reflection you all see in your mirrors, and Google Images. This is what my voters want. – Marcus Giavanni

The Most Powerful City in the World: Authority Power of Google+ Now on "G-Suite for Business | Google My Business and URL Verification | Google Chrome Is Going Security and Verification | Talkers Getting Catigorized As Such | Builders Who Talk Rule on Google | If You Dont Like Google .... "Get Off it"!!!

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Trending Converstaions You Won't See: The Most Power City and County of Denver in the World

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City and County of Denver: "City of Denver" - A Mayor for All People "Marcus Giavanni" Citizens Candidate Since 2011 2015 2019

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City of Denver: City of Denver - The Most Powerful in the World

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