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Attorney Cara Lawrence: For "The Alliance Center Mayoral Forums"

Published Feb 2, 2019 9:19 AM | Update Feb 3, 2019 8:13 PM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | "Attorney Cara Lawrence" | "The Alliance Center City and County of Denver" | "2019 Denver Mayoral Forum" | "Event Bright" | "Denver Mayoral Forum 2019" | "The Alliance Center" |  

United States: "Attorney Cara Lawrence" - "The Alliance Center Mayoral Forum 2019" - - "Attorney Cara Lawrence. Knowing there are many nonprofits who are truly nonpartisan but they are being choked out. Yes, The Alliance Center can't be responsible for what others do with the content. But if they are submitting content to other nonpartisan groups like Denver INC. Also known as "Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation Mayoral Forums" they have some problems. And they better start representing all citizens and all neighborhoods. Especially with the IRS tax status.

What kind of leader would I be; if I did not protect all citizen of Denver. Thus, why I am telling you all, now. I don't need to be Mayor to warn you that some serous civil and possible criminal actions may be coming your ways. If you don't change. .... Change Now, and You'll be legal. - People For a More Pragmatic Government

My advice to all Nonpartisan organizations. Its best to let all citizen in, and let all candidates speak. No mater how long it takes. Denver needs to operate on Truth. Not False algorithms. Change now! Some of you actually think you have a right to pick a side, but you don't have the right to keep candidates or citizens away. This is what it looks like.

My voters, they don't play around, they a hard core. They don't want Michael Hancock, they don't like some of the city council members. They want our teachers paid, they want, want 1,500 more officers, with raises, and salaries the top in the world! We can't be worldly, we can't pay world wages. If Denver's Government, and its voters is stuck on POOR, Stuck on suppression, Stuck on stupid is what stupid does. Right??? 14 year record high murder rate. WT... thus 300,000 silent voters will have to come and "Defend the Kingdom of Denver on 5.7.19"

Also those government officials, voters, organizations, want to know. What is happening in their city. And these folks, want to know what is happening in our city. In fact all cities.

This is true transparency. We all have to live in Denver. And down town smells like piss, and so do the parks, streets alleys, business fronts. Hell they are not even camping. 

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“Denver Mayor Michael Hancock” knows, Voters’ Know, Hancock Forums, last 126 years” | $260,000 Pension | How to BS the 75,00 Voters Who Voted for You Less than 25% Registered Voters | the other 300,000 wan to know What the Hell is this 14 year record high Murders | 10 year Record High Violent Crimes Robberies Suicides, Smash and Grabs, Spill Over Crime, Civil Rights Violations.

- Marcus Giavanni

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The Alliance Center: Mayoral Debate Did Invite Marcus Giavanni

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