@denverteachers: #denverteachers - Denver Teachers Strike - 2.12.19

Published Feb 12, 2019 5:49 AM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | "About @DenverTeachers #DenverTeachers 2.11.19 #teachers Strike" | "@denverteachers April 2018 Strike" | "@Mayorhancock Teachers Say Take Your Talk Somewhere Else" | "#strike April 2018" | Michael Hancock Why did you Not Do Something About Getting Our Teachers Raises". ....

Teachers Strike: "Yesterday was Day 1 Strike @DenverTeachers to #Vote Marcus Giavanni does http://www.cityandcountyofdenver.net  | Mayor Michael Hancock and @dencitycouncil Voters' Saw You All Vote Yourselves Raises, whilst telling Denver Voters' For last 10 years | Denver can't afford to Pay out Teachers if we do, we lose out on many grants to keeps DPS afloat.

Now, let's Debate Mayor Michael Hancock, so you can go and make the Hancock Beer, while you make $260,000 annually a years. #mayorhancock , Establishment vs citizens candidate Marcus Giavanni" battles shadow candidates. ... #jamie4denver, #lisa4denver,

This is another reason, for the Peak #leadership scores Hancock has no clue is kicking his own campaigns ass.

We have a peak leadership Mayor who wants 4 more years. For a total of 20 years of Power over Denver.

Now, that Denver is at a 14 year Record High Murders, and if you all remember that Murder rate. Then 2015 Mayoral Candidate Michael Hancock promised to end. Only got worse. That means Denver lost 4 years, and 10 year record high violent crimes murders robberies Suicide, Smash and Grabs, Spill Over Crime Metro Cities.

Denver is losing many opportunities, the more the outside world learns of the True about Michael Hancock and his Monopoly. In the world of code for SCSSAR 2014 - 2019 indexing the Talk vs Build.

A Government, it's Departments, Employees, non-profit organizations, for profit Organizations, and corporations. Those who are so emboldened, to continue their abuse of power, and authority, and the suppression of Denver, and its citizens since 1963.


The case against some of you is civil and could be criminal in nature. And the only way to stop it. ... Is walk away, and let the citizens take back the power of their Nonpartisan Government Democracy .

What type of leader would I be, if we did not tell everyone, what is truly a blessing, to know my Voters' will not allow you ship of fools. To take Denver down a path of no return call, or redirect. You all better listen to this 911 about your 303.

For in the future, you all can't say you were, all not warned. - Marcus Giavanni
This election is about Denver's Credibility Relevance Wisdom.

#DenverTeachers on 2.11.19, standing in the freezing cold #teachers Strike. .... - Marcus Giavanni for Denver Mayor and his 100,000 voters hold the keys to Denver 's Future. Will Denver Citizens do the right thing, and tell those 75,000+ voters, to vote form Marcus Giavanni the 2015 Denver mayoral Election 2nd place winner., against Denver Mayor Michael Hancock.

- Marcus Giavanni say's DEBATE ME NOW: Hancock Tate Giellis and Calderon.