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2019 Mayoral Candidates - "Who is Running for Mayor of the City and County of Denver" - - "Michael Hancock" Incumbent for @mayorhancock. And Marcus Giavanni 2nd place 2015 Mayoral Candidate; @mgiavanni. First woman to file Kaylyn Heffernan for mayor 2019. Knowing Ken Simpson has no idea what he will do as mayor. Knowing Chairman Seku for Mayor of Denver 2019. And Should Penfield Tate III quit the Denver Mayoral Race in 2019 already; #tatefordenver.

Who is Lisa Calderon, and why did the media say @lisa4denver wants to be 1st women mayor for the city and county of Denver? Denver Voters caught this and did not like it the media did not do that with Kalyn Heffernan. The media big mistake in this election for sure, towards their biasness towards candidates. Does Jamie Giellis, really think, because the mayor, the city council, art and venues gave her money to help build Rino Arts District. And bent over those in the Santa Fe Arts Deistic in 2011. Denver Voters say, “Hell no not so fast @jamiefordenver”.

Who are the 2019 Mayoral Candidates? Who is Running for Mayor of the City and County of Denver? And why has Michael Hancock not made it official @mayorhancock. And the underdog, 2015 citizens candidate and only “Independent Candidate” Marcus Giavanni can be found @mgiavanni. Where is the media when Kaylyn Heffernan was first women to file to become 1st woman to be elected as Denver Mayor? Denver Voters, and some in the LGBT Community, saw this as an insult.

Now Ken Simpson who ran as a 2011 Denver Mayoral Candidate who came in 10th place. In 2011, Marcus Giavanni, came in last place as write in candidate and here is why that happened. But those 250 voters, grew to 8,033 voters, and a send place win for Marcus Giavanni in 2015.  Now, Denver voters supporting citizens candidate Marcus Giavanni is the silent majority of 100,000 Nonpartisan Wave.

Candidate Stephen Evans, known as, Chairman Seku, who was the 4th place winner in the 2015 Denver Mayoral Race. Many voters wanted to hear Chairman Seku and Marcus Giavanni to battle Denver Mayor Michael Hancock in a 2015 Denver Mayoral Debate. But Michael Hancock, Denver Decides, Historic Denver, League of Women Voters. And all the candidates, and the nonprofits organizations, posing a nonpartisan, but really, these folks are mouthpieces for the democratic party.

Why is this so important. Because Denver was categorized as a Monopoly Government in 2015. And All those associated with this category, including those being the scenes, and openly, denied denver the right to hear all candidates. That means Civil right were all violated, when the League of Women Voters of Denver, announced “No candidates are worthy enough to debate Hancock, therefore. We are going to focus on the other 2015 Denver Municipal candidates”. What???

Denver voters are talking about “should Penfield Tate” quit the Denver Mayoral Race for 2019.  #tatefordenver, Lisa Calderon, @lisa4denver, does Jamie Giellis, @jamiefordenver, #jamiefordenver. - Marcus Giavanni


Marcus Giavanni: for Denver Mayor in 2019 - Filed December 20, 2016

Marcus Giavanni Denver - Marcus Giavanni was the 2nd Place winner in the 2015 Denver Mayor Election. Marcus Giavanni Is a Families', Fathers', Mothers' and their Children’s advocate. Giavanni has been vocal about Denver Mayorhancock, Denver Family Courts, Denver Health and Human Services, Denver Decides, Historic Denver, Denver Inc; Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation, Denver City Council, ArtsandVenues, Latino Forum, Magistrate Karen Hubler, Denver Board of Ethics, Denver Police Internal Affirms, Family Support Registry, Civil Rights Violation on the citizens, and their children. When you only listen to local Media.

Stephen Evans: Chairman Seku for Denver Mayor in 2019 - Filed On  June 5, 2018

Chairman Seku Denver - Chairman Seku Mayor of denver 2019. I had the honor to meet Chairman Seku. We spoke for about an hour. And I found chairman Seku to be very highly intelligent man. And Stephen Evans is a historic walking verbal dictionary 

As we both talked, and I listened to a brilliant man who has seen enough Bullshi in his life. To not to be able to be heard beyond, the city council meeting soap box, meetings!

Chairman Seku garnished 4th place 2015, and Seku can not be ignored. 

Incumbent Denver Mayor: Michael Hancock for Denver 2019 Filed On October 15, 2018

Michael Hancock Denver - Michael Hancock looking for another coronation like in 2015 Denver mayoral election. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has had 16 years of power. And will collect $260,000 Annually a Pension for Life.

Mayor Hancock was able to fend off having to answer question by Voters’. In fact, thousands of Denver Voters were ignored. When they were asking what happened to the Denver Mayoral Debates. (2015). Why did all the candidates running for office get their forums to speak?

Ken Smpson: Ken Simpson for Denver in 2019 - Filed on May 18, 2018

Kalyn Heffernan: Kalyn Heffernan  for Denver Mayor in 2019 - Filed on April 10, 2018

Marcus Giavanni: will be the next Mayor of Denver in 2019. Marcus Giavanni will lead the new Denver Nonpartisan Government from the clutches of the Democratic Monopoly. And Democrats don't get mad. If Denver was a partisan election system. They you all have the right to control Denver's Government. But Denver Government is not Partisan, it is nonpartisan. "We will get the raises, tools, and supplies for our Civil Servants, our teachers, and City and County of Denver Employees. That these fine citizens deserve. Giavanni has built platforms for Denver to have real time "Blockchain Democracy by Marcus Giavanni". A Platform for Bio-Diesel Technology Mini Plants. Denver International Hub 2019 Launch, and we will stop enabling, and creating social conditions that increases homelessness, violent crimes, murders, robberies, harm reduction (Free Needle Exchange). 

We will introduce a Tax Revenue program with other cities, and states, that will allow instance cash for Denver citizens. To move into affordable housing now, in a metro city in Denver's Metropolis. We must go from renting, to buying. Citizen buy apartments in New York. They should be able to buy an apartment in Denver. or A city near Denver. Denver is only 150 Square Miles. And 50 Square miles is DIA Development. That leaves 100 Square miles of development, Denver citizens must share, work, play, explore all of Colorado.

Our busses, and train systems are not making the money. They will need to keep this shell game of train transportation. And the publics use of the T-Rex system. Remember, this system was going to save the day. This project illustrates our point. When we build smart city hubs, and go squirrel for the perfect transposition mode in any weather in Denver. As Mayoral elect, we have a cloud platform for this too. 

Denver can't manufacture Time. But Denver can surely speed Time up! Denver has a need for speed.

We will Also introduce the most powerful Google Cloud Based Platforms the nation has ever seen. Let alone Colorado. When Governor John Hickenlooper came out with "Colorado Blockchain Technology Council". Or the official category of "Council for the Advance of Blockchain Technology". Why do you see our content? Because Governor John Hickelooper may have absolute authority over Colorado. Governor John Hickelooper does not have any authority in Blockchain Development. Let, alone pick, with the media, who is the leaders in Blockchain developing. When you understand the full spectrum of Blockchain development, from Crypto – to Non-Crypto Blockchains.  

Governors or leaders can no longer come out and say. Who they think, or feel are the top leaders in a certain Category or Subject matter. With the ever-changing advanced algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence, and now Machine learning constantly raising the bar on Authority over subject matter, and categories. From those who talk about building. and those who talk about building and builds. 

Welcome to the new Social Credit System to launch in China in 2020. And coming to a country near you. And when you think of Denver’s Local Media and their blatant attempt to suppress democracy and suppress candidate who all completed the terms of how to run. And what it takes to be a legitimate candidate for office in any Denver Municipal Elections. Here is a taste. Networking City and County of Denver. We have a few more platforms ready to be taken over by the City and County of Denver Information Technology Team members. As Mayor I will make sure we have the best computers, hardware, software, and operating a Google Cloud Based Platform saving millions of dollars. And streamlining, our IT department, to become the best in the World. Denver will become the beacon of Light for all the World to See. And denver citizens will never hear a city employee say, “Please wait I am waiting for my computer to boot up, it’s kind of slow” Denver will be the rabbit in the turtle race. In the internet of things sandbox. (IOT)

That leaves Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, and his friends are responsible for the 10-year record high violent crimes, murders, robberies, homelessness, drug abuse, and lots, and lots of enabling. - People For A More Pragmatic

Kayvan Khalatbari: Kayvan Khalatbari for Denver Mayor in 2019 filed second; February 14, 2017. Kayvan's 1st mistake was to lie, and tell everyone he was first to file for Mayor of Denver 2019. Some say, he did not know that marcus Giavanni filed 1st to run against Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. 

This was important to Denver voters. Becues it showed the weakness, and lack of lerdership to ask, Denver Elections Division, if in fact was the 1st canidate to file for Denver Mayor.

In Fact, Kayvan Khlatibari: Kayvan's campign did ask, and they were all told Marcus Giavanni was the first to file on December 20, 2016 2016. Instead, Kayvak and his campaighn decide to pull off the biggest politcal joke of Denver's History of Denver Municiple Elections. They decided to lie to the entire citizens, after agreeing Denver Voters are not that smart. And then Kayvna Khalatbari had to steal my keywords. But then agin who onws the rigtht to keys words. The anwser is nobody. Although when Candidates and their campign, or people in their circels visit, speak, copy other canidates. Who have used these terms in prior elections. And if the canidate finnished in top 3 from a previous election like 2015. 

Kayvan Khaltabari was getting boxed in. With candidate who have used such terms in the past. Quits Oct 2018 or did he???

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Kalyn Heffernan: Kalyn Heffernan for Denver Mayor in 2019. Kalyn, knows accessibility, and being a musician, and activist. She knows the end and outs of entering, and exiting buildings, and retail stores, and shopping and grocery centers all around Denver, and through Colorado. Yet, the politicians, and other IRS special tax exemptions organizations. They don't want to fix the problems that Kalyn represents. And if you have listened to any of Kalyn’s music, and seen Kalyn in action.

You will know, Kalyn, is no diverter, or sell out, to her many causes. You can’t buy Kalyn Heffernan. Like Bernie Sanders, who did not have the balls to carry out his message, and even establishing his own party. Instead, Bernie went back to those (Democratic Party), Bernie swore to protect us all from. What??? Bernie diverted his causes and was bought out. By those who took an election away from Bernie Sanders.

That’s what makes Kalyn Heffernan message is so important to the transportation, and land mobility who do not own a car. I have been aware of what it’s like to navigate in a wheel chair, a walker, or even crutches. When I see people with no legs, or one leg. Trying to go mobile. It’s sad that more people are not kind to these folks, who what I have seen don’t seek pity. But just a helping hand opening a door. Or reaching for something on a store’s shelves. Since I work in the Equitable Building, I spend more time walking around, asking questions, and listing to the people on the streets.

And now accessibility is far worse. Now the city downtown streets are riddled with scooters, and bikes., and people, leaving those who don’t’ have the ability to go around. And some people on the streets. Making it so difficult to go around these new barriers.

Instead of the Monopoly Government, and Media friends, and organizations try to steal another election from the citizen voters of Denver. Like they did in 2011, 2015 and now 2019.

Kalyn Heffernan - Kalyn heffernan for Denver Mayor in 2019. She is an activist, and accecablity activist. And nobody. Not even Mayor Miacheal Hanock. Has taken the time to help,with the concerns Kalyn Heffernan brings to the table. As a credit worthy activisty for others. Witht he chanlegaes Kalyn faces each and everyday.

As canidate for Mayor of Denver in 2019. Kalyn is starting to winess, as to all others. That everything is smoke and mioors, and endless parites, and at a boys, and gilrs in the Govenrment snadbox of the Establishment.

Ken Simpson: Ken Simpson Mayor of denver 2019. Ken was the 10th place 2011 Denver Mayoral Candidate with 526 votes. Candidate Ken Simpson really doesn't want to be Mayor of Denver. Thus, the reason, in a recent Denver Post Interview. Ken does not have a plan. But he does have a voice, and it is Ken Ways of saying You will listen to me.

Side Note: Ken Simpson reminds me of my uncle Homer, true story folks I have an Uncle Homer Ira Anthony. The Wrigley’s loved my adopted family. We spent most of our summer vacations at Catalina Islands. And my aunt and uncle were the caretakers for Bird Park. That closed in 1965.

Kayvan Khalatbari: Kayvan Khalatbari for Denver Mayor in 2019 - Filed February 14, 2017 - Quits 2018

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As for Ken Simpson: Ken Simpson: Ken Simpson, you should come up with something he would change. As the next Mayoral elect. When Ken comes up some sort of idea, to the complaints he has brought up to everyone, when they read Ken’s interview in The Denver Post. I would appoint Ken, to a department. Because, Ken’s determination should not be ignored.

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No matter how hard organizations like Denver Inc – Inter-neighborhood cooperation. And Now City Park Friends and Neighbors. Leave out other candidates, using their organization, to benefit certain candidates, not all candidates. Like 7 more, candidates who have all paid their dues to have their constituents, voices be heard through their candidates. Like Chairman Seku who knows more about, the city and county of Denver; than does our current leaders, when it comes to civil rights, and that scares Mayor Michael Hancock, and friends.

So, they just ignore Chairman Seku, Kalyn Heffernan, Ken Simpson, Danny Lopez, all the other candidates are the stocking horses, for the current establishment, and the 3 other NEW establishments looking to take over the city and county of Denver’s government.

As time goes by these kleptocrats, will be consumed by their own “Digital Foot Print kicking all their asses, up and down, their own streets they are all promising all talk. And no build, all about suppression. Not this time folks!

The following CPFAN Identifiers’ to help Artificial Intelligence track, predetermined conversations, based on content designed to be understood by Machine Learning. Machines, being guided, and in concert with voice indexing, cross talk indexing, location indexing, images, video, files, downloads all being used to establish a platform for each end-user on the all browsers. Google is no exception!

Remember, Social Credit System Scores and Rankings - SCSSAR EDOC for SUCCESSOR – Marcus Giavanni

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Penfield Tate III: Penfield Tate for Denver Mayor in 2019 - File On October 1, 2018

Penfield Tate Denver - Penfield Tate Mayor of Denver 2019. Penfield Tate lost Denver Mayoral election in 2003. Published Oct 1, 2018 3:59 PM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | #tatefordenver, #denver7, #colorado. "Penfield Tate Mayor? Not in 2003 or in 2019. Tate is an Outdated politician. Who is Parroting Marcus Giavanni Campaign, Ex Kayvan & Hancock  platforms, go see for yourself, same old song and Dance from 2003. #tatefordenver Google image Search. Voters do not want Attorneys to take over Denver's Government"."

Penfield Tate - Penfield Tate III -  Penfield Tate for Mayor of Denver in 2019. Knowing Penfield Tate Attorney for Mayor of Denver in 2003. And why Tate III lost to John Hickenlooper in the 2003 Denver Mayoral Election. Many Votes in Denver did not want an Attorney. Most called d them Ambulance chasers. Denver Voters also did not like the mudslinging and the personal attacks. To which John Hickelooper refused to participate. Instead John Hickenlooper who won the 2003 Denver Mayoral elections. Because of his different approach to politics in Denver. John Hickenlooper listen to the people. And now we have Governor John Hickelooper, who has reached his full term as Governor of Colorado. And with advanced algorithms Democratic Candidate Jared Polis Will be elected Governor.

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Denver voters wanted to know why. Did Michael Hancock (run) the 2015 Denver Municipal Elections, working closely with friends inside the Denver Election Division. This is what Voters have said since 2011. And Candidates Marcus Giavanni 2nd place Denver Mayor Candidate. Candidate Paul Fiorino 3rd Place Candidate. And Candidate Chairman Seku who came in 4th. These candidates were never allowed to speak, and the media. Down played these honorable candidates, as not worthy enough to seek office. In fact, Penfield Tate's media friends (The Denver Channel, CBS), calls Tate III a worthy Candidate. The man is a coward charlatan, constantly bullying people for Tate’s power grab. Against Michael Hancock, Marcus Giavanni, Chairman Seku, Kalyn Heffernan, Ken Simpson, Danny Lopez. The 4 charlatan-kleptocrat candidates are Michael Hancock Mayor of Denver 2019, Penfield Tate Mayor of Denver 2019, Lisa Calderon Mayor of Denver 2019, and Jeanie Giellis Mayor of Denver 2019. What is #timesuphancock

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Lisa Calderon: Lisa Calderon for Denver Mayor in 2019 - Filed On October 15, 2018

Lisa Calderon Denver - Lisa for Mayor of Denver 2019, filed the same day as Mayor Michael Hancock. Lisa is running idenity and gender politcs. Like 1st women to be Mayor of Denver? And Lisa for Denver Mayor is alabout Lisa. And has never been about anyone she has enabled to advace her career. What is the Colorado Latino Forum?

Where was Lisa Calderon when the Establisment did not hold a Denver Mayoral Debate? Lisa was covering for the establsiment. Lisa calims to be no part of. 

Lisa Calderon - Latino Forum - Veronica Barela and Ean Tafoya. Published Oct 14, 2018 11:13 AM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | City and County of Denver . Lisa Calderon Latino Forum Veronica Barela and Ean Tafoya. Their house of cards is about to come down on all of them. Credibility Relevance Wisdom. Knowledge Based Trust. And Social Credit System Scores and Rankings. Denver voters are going to Defend the Kingdom of Denver on 5.7.19. Vox Populi. And the Iron Fist, Harms reduction. My neighbors are all on high alert, my people are on high alert. And we have eyes and ears everywhere. Ya' Heard Me!?!

Danny Lopez: Danny Lopez for Denver Mayor in 2019 - Filed On October 25, 2018

Danny Lopez a lomg time candidate for differnt offcies. Danny Lopez a long-time candidate for different offices. From candidate for Mayor to city and county of Denver in the 2007 Elections. Dany Lopez received 10,000 votes. Against, John Hickelooper.

In 2011, Danny Lopez ran for Denver Mayoral election in 2011. Out of 10 Candidates, and one Write in citizens Candidate. Danny came in 7th with 1,036 votes. The winner Mayor Michael Hancock with 70,780. It was this election hat was the foundation for the 2015.


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In 2015, Danny Lopez ran for Denver City Council District 2. Lopez received 720 Votes out 5 candidates, there was a runoff election. The winner was Councilman Kevin Flynn, District 3. Kevin Flynn won with 3,606 votes.council.

Jamie Giellis: Jamie Giellis for Denver Mayor in 2019 - File On - Nov 1, 2018

Jamie Giellis Denver: Jamie Giellis Mayor of Denver 2019. Jamie Giellis, Face like a Rino?  Is throwing poor Mayor Michael Hanockc. and Denver City Council, and the Arts and Venues a Denver Government Department.  If it was not for Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and the rest of his Government, and the City council At large too.

It appears Jamie Giellis is just another establishment, who got all the grants, all the special money. And other incentives, by the city. The Money and partnership that was promised to the Arts District on Santa Fe.

In 2011, Marcus Giavanni was part of a woman owned business. Who bought the historic Joe’s Buffett are 753 Santa Fe Drive, (No, I did not purchase the COW. I was part of the Organization). And the rights, and recipes for the old Mexican Hamburger. Read, Westword

Have you heard of Vernonia Barela??? “Veronica Barela Candidate City Council District 3" who was the only person that really gained most. Is what most people say about her. And Veronica Barela has helped people. But she has also destroyed many people. And Veronica's wrath was seen by Councilman Doug Linkhart, Commander Lopez (district 4 Denver police), and other city council representatives, business owners, and citizens. They all stood and sat and their faces. I will never forget all their faces. And that face of Veronica Barela all pissed off, blowing steam through her ears, noes, and mouth! It's really good to know that Veronica Barela is powerless, against  Credibility Relevance Wisdom. PERIOD! Does anyone know what Cross Talk Indexing is? What Veronica does not know, everyone is being indexed. And everything we say, with who, and what location, what device. It's all being indexed to match what you say, to what you can build. Most Latino's they knew. When Veronica Barela recently joined the Colorado Latino Forum, and with Verona's unsuccessful run as Denver City Council Distric 3 Candidate. People Like Roybal!

Did you know there was a meeting about Veronica Barela and her https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tefyHC82ek, nonprofit? About how Veronica was abele to leave out a small office Veronica owned. And lied to everyone, in that Veronica got everybody’s permission. To lease to her enabler friends Harms Reduction.  Many of the business owners, did not like Veronica Barela, (Although they really love (Andrea), and as for me, did not want to get into her business. But then again, used needles in the alleys. When you knew how the alleys are shipped, the Cow was the perfect place to shoot up. But as usual the more I complained, the more they all tried to flip it on me.

I shall Digress, there was about 100 people there, and they all saw Veronica Barela chastise me for telling me story, and what I experienced the Harm Reduction in Miami Florida. They got rid of it, become it caused more drug use, and those who reported the drug use. Used false numbers as if the drug use was going down. Because of Harm Reduction Measures. Which was not true. They were finding needles in the alley’s sidewalks, and in Miami, Florida. Everyone wore sandals or flip flops. And people’s toes, and heals, where getting stuck. And people were contracting aids, and hepatitis’s B, and C. On the beach was even worse. Then these hypes, would leave their needles on busses, and bus stop benches, cabs, and school yards.

As I was speaking, Veronica got really pissed off. And yelled at me “We don’t care where you came from, we don’t care about what you saw, in fact we don’t even want to hear you speak, now sit down now, and shut up! As I took the high road and not verbally attack her. And look like the venomous. Wombat Veronica Barela truly is. And Veronica thought, she owned everyone in the room. But she did not own me. I could have flipped some script on her. That would have made a bad situation worse.

I sat down, and knew, why I was they’re in the 1st place. To tell you all Veronica Barela it’s time to retire. You will not be City Council District 3 member. Voters need something new.

Paul Lopez is Outand he will not be Clerk and Recorder, we need an attorney for this position. Just not for Mayor of Denver.I even reached out to Veronica Barela. But unlike her daughter who everyone seems to really love. Veronica Barela… I’m mm... BACK! 

When they Harms Reduction opened, many in the community were really became pissed off. And of course, Our beloved “COW” the old Joes Buffet, COW. Some people called it “The COW in 2011. $300,000 investment by a woman. Destroyed by 

 Mayor Michel Hancock and Veronica Barela??? Mayor Michael Hancock and Jamie Giellis. Mayor Michael Hancock is the true face of Rino District. For Jamie Giellis, and her friends try to treat Denver like they are the only ones with Dreams, ambitions, and their little monopoly or kleptocrats, trying to ruin Michel Hancock, 55 years of the current categorized Monopoly Government, and Denver voters will not allow for the city and county of Denver, Colorado to be recategorized as a Kleptocracy. These 300,000 Silent Majority of registered Voters. They know, they have the Authority to recategorized the city and county of Denver, back to Denver's Speer Amendment 1913 law. All Denver Voters, and some media know. They need to protect their own Social Credit System Scores and Rankings = SCSSAR = Successor = Nonpartisan Denver Government, since 1913. The good news, A lot of that money, set aside by Mayor Hancock’s Office. That Money that went to the  Arts District On Santa Fe. When you look at the players behind Jamie Gieless for Mayor of Denver in 2019


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Penfield Tate Denver:  Penfield Tate for Mayor of Denver in 2019. 

Published Nov 11, 2018 9:11 AM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | 2019 Mayor of Denver | Penfield Tate III | Credibility Relevance Wisdom | Social Credit System

Penfield Tate Denver, Penfield Tate for Denver Mayor in 2019, #tatefordenver. and #denver, @colorado, #timesuphancock, Ballotpedia, Wikipedia, Denver Mayoral Candidate, Twitter, Attorney, Kutak Rock.

Lisa Calderon Denver:

Published Nov 11, 2018 9:11 AM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | 2019 Mayor of Denver | Penfield Tate III | Credibility Relevance Wisdom | Social Credit System |  Art District

Lisa Calderon for Mayor of Denver in 2019. Lisa Calderon Denver, Lisa Calderon Mayor of Denver, Lisa For Denver Mayor, @lisa4denver, @lisafordenvermayor, #itstime4lisa, #tatefordenver, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, #timesuphancock.

Published Nov 11, 2018 9:11 AM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | 2019 Mayor of Denver | Penfield Tate III | Credibility Relevance Wisdom | Social Credit System | Art District

Jamie Giellis Denver:

Jamie Giellis for Denver Mayor in 2019, @Jamiefordenver, #jamiefordenver, #denver, @colorado, #timesuphancock, Ballotpedia, Wikipedia, Denver Mayoral Candidate, Twitter,